Ocean Pack produces portable and durable waterproof dry bags for travelers, adventurers and athletes. Gear and devices remain dry and protected in these round-bottom dry bags even in adverse conditions.

The Ocean Pack dry bag keeps water out by rolling the top down three times and snapping the plastic buckles shut. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities including camping, canoeing,  diving, hiking, kayaking, mountaineering, swimming, traveling and trekking.

Ocean Pack waterproof bags come in 5-litre to 40-litre versions with backpack style straps and thick, reinforced, double layered plastic. If properly sealed, these waterproof dry bags can even be fully submerged.

These tube-shaped bags are approximately 40 cm tall (when sealed) and 20 cm in diameter, enough to pack a light jacket, devices and a headlamp. The bags offer great protection against water, sand, dirt and dust, and are available in black, blue, yellow and red.

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