Karana is a favourite among travellers and outdoor enthusiasts for its range of dry tubes and dry sacks. The constant companion of campers and boaters, the brand is often mentioned in tandem with well-known outdoor gear brand, Ocean Pack.

Notable for their ability to keep water in as well as out, Karana’s bags are recommended for use by sport fishermen, whitewater rafters, divers and snorkelers. They have also been said to make duffle bags sturdy enough for school or everyday use, as well as great handbags. As camera bags, Karana bags are known for their functionality and ease of use.

Karana’s 30-litre and larger versions come with detachable straps akin to a backpack for easy carrying. The bags’ bright colours make them easy to find should they fall into the water or get lost in the woods. Karana’s 100% waterproof material is a heavy-duty plastic tarpaulin that can withstand rugged wear and tear in both man-made and natural environments.

Karana bags are available in Singapore at Gearaholic.

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