Nikwax is an eco-friendly company that produces cleaning, conditioning and waterproofing products such as a waterproof shoe-spray, water resistant spray, hydrophobic spray, suede waterproof spray and fabric waterproof spray.

Nikwax remains the world’s first and only outdoor gear care company whose range of waterproofing products are entirely water-based, fluorocarbon free and non-flammable. Its water-based products clean, condition, waterproof and restore the protective properties of outdoor clothes and gear. The products’ water-based composition make them safe to use.

The products prolong the life and enhance the performance of clothing, footwear and equipment. Nikwax waterproofs gloves, leather, tents and climbing rope, as well as cleans rugs, jackets and shoes.

Nikwax was founded in 1983 by Nick Brown, who loved trekking with his father. With the goal of creating his own waterproof products to protect his clothes and equipment, Brown also aimed to waterproof his gear without weakening them or losing their essential features. The creation of Nick's wax or “Nikwax” marked the beginning of a remarkable success story.

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