Tooletries has been revolutionising the look of homes and bathrooms with their patented silicone technology. Their innovative and sleek bathroom products won them the "Small Business Award" at the Australian Exports Awards in 2017. Founded by Josh and Saul in 2014, Tooletries was funded with private capital and a kickstarter campaign. The brothers use the highest quality materials and combine innovative design with performance and functionality.

Tooletries’ patented silicone technology enables their own manufactured bathroom accessories such as mirrors, toothbrush holders and wall organisers to be placed on vertical surfaces. Their products are readily attached to walls without the use of suction cups, screws or adhesives. Made of the same silicone used in high end wetsuits, Tooletries’ wide range of bathroom and storage products are strong, reusable and leaves no residue.

Tooletries’ award-winning product line is available at Gearaholic.

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