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About Us

At Gearaholic, our passion for the outdoors drives our relentless quest for quality adventure gear. From scenic nature hikes to rigorous mountain scaling, we believe in the importance of suiting up with the right getup and equipment for your expeditions to the great outdoors.

Each one of our products has been handpicked carefully and put through rigorous tests of usability and durability before it is made available to our customers. Aspiring to be the best-value online premium outdoor store in the region, we continually strive to bring the best products and provide dedicated customer service for an unparalleled outdoor gear shopping experience.

Suit up today with Gearaholic, because life is out there.



To be the most comprehensive online outdoor retailer in Asia, offering premium yet affordable outdoor products, and to be the community hub for all outdoor enthusiasts, providing a vibrant platform for sharing of experiences and passions to build a strong and supportive adventure community.



We aim to provide quality products at affordable prices and excellent customer service while spearheading the community-building effort to bring together outdoor aficionados through interactive social media platforms, group trips and expeditions as well as product education.


The Gearaholic Guarantee

Experience hassle-free shopping with peace of mind at Gearaholic with our Gearaholic Guarantee. Our products are guaranteed to be highly functional, readily available via our user-friendly shopping site. If however, there are occasions where you need to return an item, simply return it in its original packaging together with your receipt or email us at  ineedhelp@gearaholic.com.sg for assistance and we will be happy to help as best as we can.

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