Kor understands the importance of hydration as one of the building blocks of health, and develops innovative hydration products that address this need in fun and easy ways.

Eric Barnes, the founder of KOR, used to refill used sports-drink bottles with water until his wife, Stacey told him that it was a bad idea on account of the bacteria content. After futile efforts to find a water bottle that would be sustainable both for him and the environment, Barnes made it his mission to reinvent the reusable water bottle.

Barnes collaborated with Paul Shustak, who shared his passion for design, wellness and sustainability in a hydration-focused company. It was three years before they produced the KOR ONE Hydration Vessel, the iconic reusable water bottle that is as environmentally sound as it is safe to use.

KOR's simple goal of producing a reusable bottle has since grown into into a company that values water around the world.

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