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Strong and well-made, the travel backpacks from Lowe Alpine offer a practical and hard-wearing travel option for travelers worldwide.  Lowe Alpine's backpacks are made to endure some of the toughest adventures a traveler might encounter in any weather condition.

In 1967, the founder of Lowe Alpine, Greg Lowe was in great need of reliable gear for his climbing & mountaineering escapades. Lowe knew that he needed a hiking backpack that could carry his gear securely, but would still let him move freely on technically demanding terrain. And so, he designed ‘The Expedition Pack’, which had compression straps, an internal frame and other never-before-seen features. Lowe Alpine's first backpack is now considered the blueprint from which all modern and technical backpacks are derived.

Lowe Alpine also provides support upon delivery of a new backpack. Backpacks for men and women come with guides on how to adjust a new backpack, how to adjust the various back systems, and packing techniques. All that is left to decide is where to head off to.

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