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Are you clueless about which kind of winter wear you should be packing for the winter season? Don't worry! We've listed the right clothes you should wear from Montane beanie to boots!

In Singapore, there’s barely a need to wear a winter jacket, woolen gloves, winter coats or boots to keep you warm. However, you'll definitely need to prep your winter wear if you're heading to a temperate zone to spend your holiday!

When heading to places and countries where temperatures dip, you’ll definitely need good, warm winter clothes so you can enjoy your holiday.  

What do you need to keep yourself warm?

In order to keep warm, there are certain parts of your body that you need to cover well:

  • Head and ears
  • Neck
  • Core Area
  • Hands and Feet

Once these parts of your body are well-covered, you'll surely feel warm already. If you love to travel during winter, then you must invest in good winter scarves, gloves, hat, beanies, socks, jacket and boots.

Layering is the key!

The trick is layering – if you want to feel warmer you can always add more clothes, or take them off to feel cooler. Below are the clothes you will need for the different winter temperatures:

  • Under 20° to 30°

  • Just bring a sweater in case it gets chilly or windy. Otherwise, you’ll be comfortable walking in your woolen top and jeans.

    Under 10° to 20°

    Between these temperatures, you still don't have to wear thick winter clothes. On a sunny day, you can just wear one layer of clothing. If it gets cold, just wear a jacket and a scarf.


    Under 0° to 10°

    In this range, you should wear a thick jacket. Make sure you have a woollen coat and a jacket. Consider layers of winter wear that are made of cotton, wool or silk. Also wear your gloves, scarves, and beanie!

  • Below 0°

  • This temperature range will require you to wear three to four layers of clothes.

    Here is our recommended winter wear to shop for when looking for cold-weather accessories and apparel in Singapore.

    Men's Primino 140g Glove
    Size Guide: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

    The Men's Primino 140g Gloves are treated with odor resistant POLYGIENE® so you can wear them more and wash them less.  This pair of gloves is made from wool yarns and polyester to provide warmth. The gloves are highly wicking, fast drying and have a soft handle antibacterial treatment for a longer period of use.

    Women's Primino 140g Glove
    Size Guide: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large

    This Dahlia-colored pair of gloves looks beautiful and attractive, which is why it would be a great purchase for women who love to travel fashionably. This pair of gloves is also treated with POLYGIENE® and is proven to be durable because of its sewn seams.

    Tuuq Microfleece Beanie

    The Tuuq Beanie is perfect for winter trips during cold weather. This beanie will surely keep you warm as you travel. This simple yet versatile beanie could be worn by both men and women for it comes in berry, lunar, steel and vivid green colors.

    MONTANE® Logo Beanie

    This high quality beanie from Montane is made from merino wool and acrylic. It's built with a six-seam crown in order to give a sleek and close fit. It also has an internal fleece headband that wicks sweat to keep your head warm, which comes in black, electric blue and peacock colors.

    Montane Power Dry Gloves
    Size Guide: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

    The black Montane Power Dry Gloves are high-wicking and very lightweight gloves that can give light insulation. It's ideal for wearing as a liner in cooler conditions to keep you warm.

    Plume Mountain Cap

    The Plume Mountain Cap will surely complete your cold weather attire or expedition kit list as it helps you stay warm from head to foot, especially if you plan to hike in cold weather. This mountain cap comes with an adjustable chin strap and ear warmer panels.

    Women's Primino 140 Zip Neck
    Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

    This Primino Zip Neck base layer for Women is made from merino wool yarns, polyester and primaloft to provide warmth during cold weather. This comfortable winter wear comes in two colors, dahlia and shadow.

    Men's Terra Stretch Converts
    Leg Length: Short and Regular

    If you want to look good and comfortable while traveling in cold weather, then these stretchable pants is a must-have for you! These shadow-colored trousers that can be converted into technical shorts will keep you in style in any kind of weather condition, anywhere you go!

    Women's Atomic Pants
    Size Guide: Small, Extra Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large

    The great thing about these Atomic Pants for women is that they can be used during any activity. You can wear them in the winter or summer whether it’s in the streets of New York City or in the mountains. You can easily travel in these pants, as they are very light in weight and can be easily packed into your travelling backpack!

    Montane Men's Flux Micro
    Size Guide: Small, Extra Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large, Extra-Extra Large

    If you're traveling from Singapore to another country for a winter holiday, then this shadow-colored winter jacket is a must-have for you! This Montane winter jacket provides warmth and comes in lightweight which is suitable for travelers like you. You can also pair this with our Women's Prism Jacket for a complete winter look!

    Are there other essentials you need to bring?

    Bring your boots, lip balms, petroleum jelly like Vaseline, and hand and body moisturizers.  You need to have these essentials as during the winter season, as your lips and skin will definitely become dry. You might also want to bring thermal beverage containers for carrying warm drinks, and a weatherproof, shockproof camera that you won’t have to worry about dropping in the snow.

    Worried that you’re packing more than you’re willing to carry? There are techniques for packing for winter travel to help you manage your luggage.

    Check out our sale items here for more winter wear options.

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