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It may seem like a common, everyday item, but the water bottle has grown over the years to become an activity-specific accessory used for comfort and convenience as much as for hydration.

Choosing a good water bottle can be complicated, what with thousands of companies coming out with jugs, tumblers, flasks and so on in every shape and size. Most brands claim that their bottles are BPA-free, durable and safe to use.

With several top quality brands of water bottles on our shelves, Gearaholic offers you this simple selection guide to help you find a hydration solution to best suit your needs.

How to choose the right water bottle brand for you

Choosing a goodwater bottle brand isn’t as simple as picking the prettiest one in your favourite colour or the one with the lowest price tag.

Your brand choice will depend largely on your activities or where you plan to use your water bottle, whether it’s at school, the gym or the office, or out on the road, by the sea or in the mountains.

If you see your water bottle sitting on your office desk most of the time, then your needs are bound to be different from those who’ll be needing a lightweight companion on an adventurous weekend hike or a leak-proof bottle that can get tossed around in your gym bag without soaking everything inside.

A good water bottle brand will typically offer a range of sizes that are easy to clean and easily adaptable to your lifestyle. A socially responsible brand will even encourage you to drink more water as part of staying healthy.

Environmentally-conscious consumers will also want to choose reusable water bottles for their durability and recycling potential, and might lean toward brands who disclose the eco-friendliness of their materials and manufacturing process.

What is your water bottle made of?

Be wary of plastic water bottles that may contain chemicals that could leach into your drinking water, and cause heart disease in adults, and be particularly harmful to infants. It is best to avoid unbranded plastic water bottles or brands that do not come with manufacturer’s notes on their bottles’ composition. Polymer plastics that are BPA, BPS and BPF-free are safe for use in hydration bottles.

Though generally considered safer than plastic, aluminium as a water bottle substitute also comes with its own risks if the bottle should be overexposed, which include skeletal complications in infants and neurotoxicity in adults.

Safer water bottle alternatives include stainless steel, or the steel used for making kitchen utensils, which is strong and lightweight, albeit prone to dents and scratches. Shatterproof glass is another alternative which, though it might cost more, can guarantee a clean taste of your water without plastics or chemicals leaching into it.

Insulated steel or glass is another option you might want to consider if you prefer to keep your water cold or hot for extended periods.

Why choose the CamelBak brand?

World-leading hydration solutions provider, CamelBak offers a comprehensive range of water bottles made available locally by CamelBak Singapore.

  • 100% BPA Free. Water bottles from CamelBak do not contain any polycarbonates that work their way into the drinking water and produce the bad taste which often comes from plastic bottles.
  • Spill-proof. A CamelBak speciality, the huge bite valve included in CamelBak water bottles is used in the same way as a straw, keeping you hydrated and mess-free.  
  • On-the-go convenience.Comfort and ease are among the salient characteristics of CamelBak water bottles. They are hassle-free to carry or to clip it onto a Carabiner. These bottles also come with a wide mouth top for easy water and ice refills as well as easy cleaning.
  • Stylish. CamelBak water bottles are available in assorted colors and cool styles to suit every personality.
  • Guarantee. Every water bottle from CamelBak comes with a guarantee of durability and safety.

Why do CamelBak plastic water bottles stand out?

CamelBak bottles stand out because they were developed under performance-level conditions by competitive cyclists—the very people who are meant to use them.

CamelBak plastic water bottles are very lightweight, affordable, and come with accessories that help you stay hydrated throughout the day. These resilient water bottles will not break and are proven safe for the environment.

Lightweight CamelBak plastic water bottles are especially ideal for exploring in the outdoors, helping to make backpacks roomier and easier to carry. CamelBak plastic water bottles’ innovative features include insulation, cap stowage, and a smooth drink interface.

Types of CamelBak Water Bottles 

The Eddy Type

The Eddy water bottle from CamelBak fits easily in the hand and fits perfectly into most cup holders. The loop handle makes it easy to clip to a backpack. Travelers, hikers and workers can carry this water bottle comfortably in the crook of their finger. The  durable construction, spill-proof design, and BPA-Free materials make this water bottle an ideal thirst quencher for work and play.

The Chute Type

The Chute is the perfect water bottle type for the outdoors, offering convenient hydration for all travelers and adventurers. This type of bottle has a leak-proof cap which delivers a high flow of water without spilling or sloshing. Its spout cap snaps into the handle to prevent it from getting in the way when drinking.

The Podium Type

The Podium from CamelBak is a revolutionized type of water bottle for athletes with an innovative design that simplifies high performance hydration.

The water bottle has a spill-proof jet valve that allows the consumer to hydrate immediately without having to open or close the drinking interface.  This  water bottle’s streamlined, ergonomic design offers excellent squeezability without compromising bottle grip.

The large aperture of its drinking nozzle also generates exceptional water flow. The nozzle o is also easy to remove for thorough cleaning. The Podium also has a lockout dial with easy-to-read graphics for leak-proof transport.

Find the right water bottle brand for you at Gearaholic Singapore, which carries a full range of CamelBak,Nalgene, and Kor water bottles designed to perform under any circumstance.

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