OverBoard is one of the leading waterproof case and waterproof backpack brands for swimming, mountaineering, trekking and other outdoor activities. The brand’s waterproof backpacks, accessories and duffel bags are used by thousands of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

OverBoard was founded by Dan & Joel, two backpackers who accidentally discovered their own waterproof bag in 2006 while trying to keep the sand, dirt and water away from their electronic devices, clothes and other valuables. Today, the brand is known for its waterproof products such as backpacks, cases, duffels, sacks and small packs that perform well anytime and anywhere.

Whether at sea, in the pool or on the slopes, OverBoard's waterproof phone cases for iPhones and iPads keep devices dry and protect one’s valuables. Travellers can choose from over 75 waterproof solutions.

OverBoard waterproof backpacks and accessories come in a variety of sizes. Its waterproof products, such as backpacks, messenger bags, duffel bags and phone cases are made to protect all gear no matter the weather conditions.

Carry outdoor adventure or water sporting gear with the wide range of waterproof backpacks and accessories from OverBoard now available at Gearaholic.

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